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how to remove duct for oil cooler on turbo type 44's?

Any BTDTs on removing the duct that goes from the front bumper 
assembly/air dam to the oil cooler unit?    I tried to remove the one 
on my 5kCST about 2 years ago and after spending about an hour I gave 
up in disgust.

I'm bringing this up because I noticed accumulated garbage(like 
leaves) and stones jammed in almost every other fin on my oil cooler, 
which may be explaining elevated oil temps.  I'd like to fix this, 
and it necessitates removal of the duct to get in there.

 From what I remember, the duct slides towards the front of the car, 
sort of like a radio antenna's segments, and separates from the oil 
cooler, but I couldn't get it far enough to get an opening between 
the two.  I seriously hope the bumper doesn't have to come off :(

Any suggestions/experiences/comments?

BTW, picked up a can of air conditioner foaming coil cleaner.  Gave 
it a shot on the a/c coil and main radiator.  I've noticed that even 
a slight amount of dirt or dust on refrigerators has a drastic effect 
on their performance...if anything substantial happens, I'll mention 

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