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Resolution of 86 4KCSQ Problem

Hi Everyone!

My original message was:

"Hi group!

I'm the guy who asked about my front CV joint and my car not tracking
properly.  I appreciate the responses.

Unknown to me at that time, my CV joint is fine... all it needs is a new

boot.  I'm planning to have all 4 done at once.

Now for the bad news.  When I went to see the mechanic he showed me the
left rear wheel, the front of which pointed away from the front of the
car. The car has been to an alignment shop which discussed to problem
with my mechanic.  I just received the related costs and as soon as I
picked myself off the floor I thought I'd share it with you out there in

Audi land.

I apparently need (2) rear strut housings, tie rods, front and rear ball

The cost for parts is $1450.00.  The total price with $420.00 labor, a 4

wheel alignment and tax is $2070.00.

My car is a 1986 4000 CS Quattro with 152,000 miles.  Is this something
"normal" for an Audi this age?  Does the price seem reasonable?  The
mechanic does not want to use used or rebuilt parts because he feels we
are dealing with critical safety components of the car.  I wonder if
rebuilt would be fine, given that I don't expect to put another 150,000
miles on the car, as much as I love driving it!

Thank you all.  I plan to have a meeting tomorrow, July 13, with the
mechanic to discuss.


OK, New Message:

Here's what happened, and I apologize for taking so long to get back to
you... I have been very busy.  I received many great messages.  The just
of them was that the mechanic was crazy.  With my posts in hand, I met
the mechanic and he tried to convince me that I needed a new strut
housing on the driver's side (not 2 as I had stated), new ball joints
and tie rods.  (He said the tie rods were bent... but they weren't, just
the normal way they are!) I could see no damage to the housing and told
him that I wasn't about to put $2000 into the car without another
opinion.  He also refused to install a used strut housing.  He acted a
little funny when he realized I had been on the web and was armed with
the info members had sent me.

The bottom line is that last December I had a 4 wheel alignment done
after installing new struts, bushings, etc. and they had not torqued
down my rear lower caster adjustment bolts and they had come loose,
allowing my rear wheels to toe out over time.  All I needed was another
alignment!  You guys saved me and I cannot thank those who responded
enough!  By the way... I only had to have the one ripped CV boot
replaced... not all 4 as the first mechanic had suggested.  I also have
found a mechanic who will install parts I order on the web... at a great
savings to me.  I did need a front ball joint... he recommended I do
both and the money I saved paid for the CV boot repair!

To be fair to the first mechanic... he had taken my car to a local tire
shop who (for whatever reason!) didn't notice my caster bolts had simply
come loose and told him I needed the strut housing.  He also had had bad
experiences installing used parts and had a policy not to do so.

My new rear tires had worn unevenly because of the misalignment and they
howl now.  I called the original tire place that forgot to torque the
bolts and was very pleased when he told me to get 2 new tires installed
and that he would cover the costs!  I ordered the tires today.  There
are some honest people in the world!  Once again... without your input I
would have been up the creek!

Thank you to all of you that responded!

Greg Wolters