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Re: Trunk lock failure

Pat -- I also had a AUDI 5k trunk lock failure a long time ago... It 
occured while we were on a camping vacation, and had all valuables 
(including wifes purse, ALL MONEY, and baby diapers, food, you get the 
point) in the, you guessed it, the trunk.  Ended up driving 3 hrs to a 
repair shop in Vernal UT, (w/ then baby getting sick all over wife, and 
remember us, w/o any diapers...) where they removed the back seat, made 
a 6ft (not inches) extension, and w/ flashlight, removed the mechanism, 
all on our promise that money was in the trunk. So, so far I think I win 
the "locked trunk story".
p.s. Still married to same wife, kid almost grown up; we occasionally 
look back fondly on this "experience"...

p.s.s Anyone looking for a good locksmith in Vernal UT Let me know...

Greg Colegrove, Denver, '93 100 CS