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Ok...the "real" question is, will we see it on THIS side of the Atlantic?
Kevin D. Caldwell

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Fellow Audians;

Check out www.vwvortex.com for a report on the RS4.

Here's a few teasers for you,

The RS4, which, like its predecessor the RS2, is to be produced
exclusively as an Avant model ...

As on the S4, a 2.7-liter biturbo V6 engine with five valves per
cylinder gets to work under the hood of the Audi RS4. Audi's engineering
experts have taken what was already a very high-performance engine and
given it even more power and torque ... the RS4 engine develops 380 bhp
at 6,500 rpm.

As Dr. Niles Crane sez --- "Ohhhhh mama!"

Greg J