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Re: bugatti eb218 is real

In message <199908192310.LAA10783@fep4-orange.clear.net.nz> "Dave Eaton" writes:

> confirmation from robinson that the bugatti will now occupy the top of the
> vw family tree.

Have I told the story here of the UK Club member who loaned us his
20V ur-quattro for an exhibition?

Yours truly got to drive him home.  In his courtyard (no other word
suits) was a Citroen BX down at one corner, and a Rover 216SD with
no wheels.

He somewhat sheepishly confessed.  The BX had a suspension failure (same
technology as the later I5 'bomb') and was awaiting parts.  The wheels
from the Rover had gone for refurbishment.  He and his wife had been
planning to go shopping in the 20V ur-quattro, but he had lent that to
the club and so they only had one street-legal (MoT certificate, tax,
insurance) car that they could use to go down to Tesco's supermarket.  A
1920s Bugatti.

He was a little amused, and said that within his collection of 100+
cars there must be something more suitable for shopping than a Bugatti
grand tourer - but none were technically legal.  I smiled indulgently.

Then he showed me the cars.

 Phil Payne
 UK Audi quattro Owners Club
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