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Re: Which engine stand?

> 'm looking to buy an engine stand from Harbor Freight for the engine out 
>  of an '87 5ktqw.  Which stand will work?  Has anyone bought one of these? 
>   What kind of capacity should I have?  I'm possibly looking at the 1000 
>  pound capacity stand.  Thanks in advance for the advice.

I haven't checked their current inventory but I bought one of their 750lb 
stands a few years ago and it works just fine ... that said, I usually prefer 
to mount a block on the side rather than at the rear end since it is quite a 
bit more stable and I find it easier to work around this way.   You can only 
use three of the four mounting arms, though, and you'll need to go to the 
hardware store to buy some metric bolts long enough to fit their bracket...