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urq 3/90 potential project car (Germany)

Just inspected a 3/90 urq with a little over 100000miles offered for 
about US$12500. The car is alpine white with the quattro logo/ 
partial leather seats. Found the following major items: AC not 
cooling, bomb shot, main water hoses falling apart, all A-arm 
bushings shot, hydraulic pump leaking, hydraulic hoses at steering 
leaking, both radiators heavily corroded, aftermarket wheels fitted, 
tires bold, big rust blisters at body below doors, ECU mounted 
directly under glove compartment not in original location and has 
been run with aftermarket chip....
Offered 8350US$ and walked away. If you willing to invest another 
5000-6000US$ you would have a reasonable restored RR urq. 
The car is offered by Skiba at: 

No financial interest, affiliation ......

- Hans-Juergen Schneider
'93 S2 Avant 
'89 CQ 20V