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Re: 5000/200 Windshield replacement... bad experience (looking for advice)

Sounds like a butcher job to me, Dan. I've had many windshields replaced
with no significant problems, although one shop bonded the plastic plenum
cover to the base of the windshield (too much urethane) and another
installed the wiper arms in the "down" position with the wiper mechanism in
the "up" position. The manager of that shop told me they absolutely hated to
do Audi windshields because they were so difficult to remove and replace.

Fred Munro
'91 200q  280k km

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Subject: 5000/200 Windshield replacement... bad experience (looking for

> I just had the windshield on my 200 replaced yesterday.  I went to
> "supposedly, the "best" place in town.  Auto Glass Specialists in Madison.
> They advertise that they are the only glass shop that is ISO9001 certified
> and that "other shops" don't always do installs correctly, and we are the
> place to come, blah, blah, blah.  Anyways, made me think...  Well, I'll
> it there.
> I told the guy to be carefull when removing the windshield as not to
> the galvinization.  I have no idea if he paid any attention to that.  Came
> back out when he said it was ready and he was trying to peel off the
> protective film that went over the chrome windshield trim.  He was having
> trouble peeling it off (which is supposed be the way to do it)...  had
> obviously become frustrated and gone to town on it with a razor blade.
> it was IMPOSSIBLE to get all this blue friggin protective stuff off!  He
> I spent about 30 minutes peeling away at it.  Then he acted very hurried
> like he had to go and gave me $50 off the trim price.  I said ok, not
> realizing how hard it was to remove that stuff...  literally impossible
> without damaging the trim.
> Under closer examination, the install looked very shoddy.  There was
> glass slivers all over the inside of the car, blue crap all over the trim
> (that isn't coming off!), the chrome trim is very cheap looking, and the
> installer managed to chew up those interior A-pillar covers with his power
> tools and gasket glue is peeking out all over the place!  I am not happy
> with this install, and I paid $500 for it!!!!!!  Not cheap.
> I am now thinking of calling a manager and demanding they give me a
> substantial discount (like 50-70% off the whole thing) or redo it!  I have
> never had to replace a windshield before, so I don't know if this is just
> typical for this sorta thing, but it looks like a VERY sloppy job to me!
> know my dad had a windshield replaced on his Q45 a few years back and it
> looked like new.
> Can any of you Colorado folk who have to replace your windshields every
> years shed some light on this?...  or share your experiences?  I'd very
> appreciate it.  What do you guys think I should do?  To me, I am amazed
> they would hand back a vehicle looking like this.  I couldn't imagine
> that.  Would take a lot of nerve.
> But main point of the story....  Don't go to Auto Glass Specialists.  I
> wouldn't really call them specialists.  More like hacks!
> Later,
> Dan