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FS 84 4kq

Usual disclaimers apply.

Car is located in Pleasantvill NY , right off the lovely Saw Mill pkwy and 
Taconic pkwy that Dan S. recently mentioned. (both are fun roads to drive but 
dangerous as well, lost a friends 'cause of the Taconic)

Car is an 84 4kq in goldish color with cloth int., exterior is in very good 
condition and the owner says that the engine has been maintained whenever it 
was needed. second owner all records. slightly over 200k on the odo. major 
problem is that the differential has about another month before it goes 
completely. many new parts i've been told, cant remeber them though.

unfortunately, I wont be able to check out the car for anybody because I 
depart for college in less than a week but there are other listers in the 
area who might be able to. 

for more information call the owner Dennis Pacensa @ (914) 747-1136