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Re: Fw: Et 55 wheels on Type 44

On Fri, 20 Aug 1999 13:43:26 -0700, you wrote:

>Hey Audi techno brains!  Check this out!  My Dad put new 18" BBS wheels on his new Porsche.  He has the standard 17" rims and tires in his garage.  He said that I could use them, but I am wondering about the offset.  These are ET 55.  I saw an A4 with these rims on it on A4.org.  My car is an 87 5000 csqw  S4 rear suspension Blau front inserts on original springs. I forget the width on these tires,  honestly I just assumed that they wouldn't work because of the offset, because I don't understand how the offset works.  Maybe someone can inform me on that one.  Alas I digress.....
>Anyway  I might just try to put them on and test it out!  I wouldn't mind cruising to the Monty Historics with some cool wheels!  My car has a few dents in the body (naughty neighbor post), and doesn't look like much,  but as I always say "She's got it where it counts!"

If the offset is too high, you can use a set of 10 mm spacers to raise
the offset to 45 mm, which is standard..