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Re: metric hex socket for oil plug


    I bought a standard 17 mm Allen wrench, cut 2" off it, and slipped a 17
mm 1/2" drive socket over the 2" stub to use as a drive. Worked great!


Fred Munro
'91 200q  280k km

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Subject: metric hex socket for oil plug

> Anyone know where to get a hex socket for the oil plug?  I was using
> a crude tool(vise grips and a large wood bolt with a hex head the
> right size) but the bolt just sheared in two.
> Last time I went looking for one, I came up empty handed at:
> -foreign autopart(no tools)
> -Sears(some in that range, but largest was a 13mm, this thing is a 14mm)
> -local auto supplies store
> any ideas?  Someone mentioned snap-on, but I have no idea how to
> order from them.  I need something quick(ie, today) so mail order
> isn't going to work.
> Brett
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