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Re: I've got a problem.........

>     You see all my friends have got faster cars.  Not cooler cars, just they
> are faster.  The only time I can win a race of off the line sprint is when
> it is winter, or it just rained or any other time that would give my AWD the
> advantage.
>     Here is a list of the cars that my friends own:
>         84 Trans-Am (V8)
>         86 Firebird (V6)
>         88 Firebird (V6)
>         ??  280z (V6 I think)
>         72 Mustang (V6)

So let's see, they've got bigger engines, and most of those cars are
styled for drag racing.  Your car is small, efficient, and built for
high speed stability, handling in curves, etc. (not to mention poor
traction conditions)

Why do you even stoop to compete?

If you really have some adolescent need to beat your "friends" in stop
light races, I would leave the 4kq alone and go out and buy some 70's
American muscle car for the purpose.  One with two big stripes down the
hood should work well.

Huw Powell


82 Audi Coupe; 84 4kq; 85 Coupe GT