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Re: Timing Belt/Water Pump Replacement

Hi Spencer;

    This guy has really butchered your car. Do not take it back to him. He
has not identified the root cause of the problem and has tried to haywire a
solution by bypassing the cooling fan systems. The pump you mention is the
after-run cooling pump. It is intended to cool the turbocharger immediately
after the engine is shut off. It should definitely not be bypassed.
    You said in your original post that you drove 50 miles and the temp shot
up and the car overheated. Were you at highway speed or driving around town?
At highway speed, there is enough air flow through the rad to keep the
engine temp under control. An overheat at highway speed would likely be due
to loss of coolant circulation (failed thermostat, low coolant, failed water
pump, collapsed lower rad hose, etc.) or insufficient heat transfer
(obstructed airway to rad, partially plugged rad core, 10 years of dead bugs
in the A/C condenser, etc.). If the temp "shot up", it sounds like something
    At low speeds, failure of the cooling fan or fan speed control circuits
can also cause the car to overheat. Is the air pathway from the grille to
the rad clear? Is the front of the A/C condenser clear?
    The fact that the car cannot turn over sounds rather ominous. Pull the
upper cover and make sure the timing belt is still intact. Pull the plugs
and try to roll the engine forwards and backwards by hand. Inspect the plugs
for colour and damage. If you stopped driving as soon as the car overheated,
the engine should not be badly damaged from the overheating, but you may
have another problem (blown head gasket, cam out of time)

Good luck!

Fred Munro
'91 200q  280k km

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Subject: Timing Belt/Water Pump Replacement

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> Subject: Re: Timing Belt/Water Pump Replacement
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> Hi Ti and Dave and thank you for such a fast reply.
> When the car overheated the first thing I checked was the coolant and
> topped this up. Though not all of it had gone and made sure this was
> kept full.
> When he did the work he did not replace the thermostat and told me that
> it was ok.
> The fan was working but part of his remedy was to rig it so that the
> fan was on permanently, also he bypassed a mechanical pump which I do
> not know the name of, but is placed behind the fan and sits on four
> small rubber mountings. Also he bypassed the temp sensor by some very
> crude wiring work.I know this all sound bad and was not the cure I was
> looking for.
> Both of you seem to indicate a bad timing job,that may have caused
> this.
> As I said this car was extremely well cared for with no expense spared
> and I replaced oil every 4 000 with Mobil 1. Also the car which is in
> Georgia was bought from an Audi tech who had looked after it well.
> The car now will not turn over and my fear is that this has caused
> extensive engine damage possibly beyond repair.
> Can either of you advise me how I can find out the root of the problem
> since this car ran like a Rolex before.Also this car is located with a
> garage near Atlanta who specialize in European cars, but as yet they
> have not been able to inspect it to find out what would have caused
> this to happen.
> Spencer
> > Do you have enough coolant (check reservoir level).
> > Does your radiator
> > fan work?  Look for a disconnected wires on the fan
> > or temperature
> > sensors.  Also possibly failed or improperly
> > installed thermostat?
> > Bad water pump?  I guess grossly out-of-whack cam
> > timing (caused by
> > improper timing belt installation) could also cause
> > increased engine
> > temperature...
> >
> > -Ti
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