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Wheel fitment thoughts, on CGT

I just ran across a set of wheels that *almost* fit, so it
seems. These were from a Ford Contour/Mondeo. 4x108 pattern,
49mm offset. 205/60HR15 tires, with OK tread. Almost free.
There's the reason I'm trying to make these fit. No
clearance problems in back that I can see. Patient is an '85
Coupe. In front: The tie rod end contacts the tire. Not
enough to preclude being able to bolt it up... it's just
touching it.
Questions: With these Ford rims, (six spoke- surprisingly
sharp looking with center caps off)the fit is obviously not
hubcentric. The center hole is too big. Now, aside from ease
of mounting, why is this imperative? It's my thinking that
the wheel will bolt on where the lugs line up, period. No
center post is going to change this. How am I wrong here?
Beyond that: I was thinking that going to 195/60HR15 would
fix the clearance problem. No trouble with that, except that
this inflates the overall cost, especially when I have four
good 205s. So, after reading the bit about spacers on the
type 44, I wonder about this option. Where can you order
spacers/longer bolts? What is the danger inherent in doing
this, and how does it relate to the hubcentric question?

Apologies for the numerous questions on a topic we've
already covered. I know there's always a practically OEM way
to do a rolling stock upgrade... but this car has been such
a bargain, I can't see spending ~$1000 for a tire/wheel
upgrade for it. I don't wish to compromise safety either,
but I know there's a happy medium somewhere.
1985 Coupe GT, in search of new shoes