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Re: Bought another one ...

In message <37BF3958.9C523B7@worldnet.att.net> Igor Kessel writes:

> Did they sell turbocharged 100 in the UK or is it a transplant? Oh, and
> most importantly, it _is_ a quattro, isn't it Phil?

Yes, it's the sleeper.  When Audi launched the V8 in the UK, they
withdrew the '200' branding and stripped some features off the car.
The seats are plain ordinary seats (cloth, even) and the a/c has no
proper head unit - just an on/off switch.  The 200's extra dials are
missing, too.

Mechanically, though, it's a 200.  Turbo, quattro, etc.

And no boot lid badges.

 Phil Payne
 UK Audi quattro Owners Club
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