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Re: Bought another one ...

In message <4.1.19990821222340.00950740@traverse.com> Kneale Brownson writes:

> >An Audi 100 Avant, "G" plate and "K" VIN, in Tornado Red.  With working
> >a/c.  And tow hitch.  GBP3000 (USD5000?).  Cloth seats, no heaters.  No
> >roof rails.  No sunroof.
> >
> >But a beautiful MC-2 engine with no cats.

> When can we expect pix of the revised (and enlarged) traveling tool kit, Phil?

I pick the car up in two weeks.  I should be 'in funds' from the house
sale within a few more weeks, perhaps around the end of September.  I'm
trying to find one of the places that fit out the racing teams, to put
a shallow set of cabinets down one side of the car.  The rear seat is
unequally divisible - a single and a double seat.  I'll probably take
the double out and fix that door shut.

The final decisions will have to wait until I have the car in the yard
and stripped.  I'll also have a word with Scott M. about the MC engine.

 Phil Payne
 UK Audi quattro Owners Club
 Phone: 0385 302803   Fax: 0870 0883933