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Re: Help - Code for 94 90Q


Code 2111 is the engine speed sensor. If it goes bad, the engine
will continue to run (I think by using alternate data, such as
cam and crank position to derive RPM). However, the engine will
not start with a bad RPM sensor.

Check out http://www.itc.nu/12v/maint/dtc.html for other V6


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Subject: Help - Code for 94 90Q

> Hi all,
> I'm new to this excellent list and I'm just as wild about Audis as
> else here. I have a problem and I really need a break!
> The Check engine light came on while driving to work. On my way home the
> light was randomly on and off. I had to stop off at the stores and turned
> the engine off.
> Now the engine won't fire! I've tried starting it but nothing!
> I dumped the codes and I get 2111.  Could someone please let me know what
> this is and whether it is enough to prevent the car from starting!
> It's a V6.
> Any suggestions?
> Thanks
> - lawrence