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Re: Wiper Arm Spoiler/Wing?

Yes, he is.  Although he's going on a bicycle tour of Central & South 
America.  Got a package from him last week of all the stuff of mine he's 
ever borrowed with a note.  I assume he plans on coming back - hope so at 
least...   ;-)

And yes, the spoilers have posts that go through holes in the wiper blades 
and then they hit the post that sticks out the rear of the wiper arm with a 
warm iron of some sort to melt the post material into a rivet kinda thingie 
to hold it into place.  I forget how I did mine but JB Weld (gotta love it) 
comes to mind....

At 05:56 AM 8/22/1999 ,  Huw Powell was inspired to say:
> > > I use little clip on ones from Canadian Tire, about $2.50. Look stock and
> > >  _work_.
> >
> > Did anyone put one on the passenger side too?
>yah, Brendan, he go there.
>if he's still alive that is...

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