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Re: Electric window regulators/motors - Audi 80 Models /Audi 90 FS (UK)

David Boyd writes:
> Anyone know offhand, please, whether the 1986/7-on 'new' model 80's
> share any of these components with the pre-86/7 models. Have just
> acquired a 1990 2.0e with one non-functioning regulator and am wondering
> whether a foray to the local scrapyard might help fix it.
> And if anyone in UK is interested in buying its predecessor - a 1986
> Audi 90, sound all round, around GBP 600, drop me an email.

While I didn't actually go comparing part numbers, I would doubt
that there is any interchangeability of window regulators between
the type 81/85 (earlier model) and the type 89 (your car) platforms.
The regulators are usually specific to the body type (different
shape doors and curvature, etc).

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