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Re: Bought another one ...

I've actually done this, but not in an Audi. Years ago I had a '66 Dodge
A100 van with the slant 6 engine located in an engine box between the front
seats. My brother, a buddy, and I drove to B.C. in the van for a brief
vacation. Since time was of the essence, we only stopped for gas. A can of
beans, suitably vented, when placed on the exhaust manifold vent up, was
piping hot after 50 miles. Didn't even have to stop the truck, just opened
the engine box top, retrieved supper, and used the closed box top as a
table. Of course the dietary choice had consequences, but that's another
story :o)

Fred Munro
'91 200q  280k km

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> "Manifold Destiny"
> The One! The Only! Guide to Cooking on Your car Engine!
> ISBN 0-679-72337-4
> In a nutshell:
> Triple wrap whatever on foil, and stick it someplace hot on your engine.
> Drive 'til done.
> Frankly, I've not found it effective on a N/A Audi motor. Might need a
> turbo.
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> From: Don Muirhead <dmr@kwic.com>
> >Phil:
> >
> >You definitely need to get a copy of "Travelling with your Avant?"
> >
> >It's a "how-to" book cook book written by Martha Stewart and published by
> >Audi for single guys living in their Avant's.  It includes detailed
> >and preparation for a variety of meals.  With each recipe it tells how
> >the car should be driven for proper cooking and the placement of foods
> >as roasts, lamb chops or seafood on the manifold.
> >
> >Other recipes include poaching with coolant and even bread making secrets
> >for those long over-night hauls.
> >
> >Includes handy clean-up tips and comes with its very own set of
> >micro-fiche.
> >
> >You will of course, be buying a bar fridge and if I were you I'd be
> >seriously thinking about installing one of those roll down awnings you
> >attached to motor-homes.  Imola Yellow would look nicely compliment
> >Red.
> >
> >Don
> >
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> >
> >In message <4.1.19990821222340.00950740@traverse.com> Kneale Brownson
> >writes:
> >
> >> >An Audi 100 Avant, "G" plate and "K" VIN, in Tornado Red.  With
> >> >a/c.  And tow hitch.  GBP3000 (USD5000?).  Cloth seats, no heaters.
> >> >roof rails.  No sunroof.
> >> >
> >> >But a beautiful MC-2 engine with no cats.
> >
> >> When can we expect pix of the revised (and enlarged) traveling tool
> >Phil?
> >
> >I pick the car up in two weeks.  I should be 'in funds' from the house
> >sale within a few more weeks, perhaps around the end of September.  I'm
> >trying to find one of the places that fit out the racing teams, to put
> >a shallow set of cabinets down one side of the car.  The rear seat is
> >unequally divisible - a single and a double seat.  I'll probably take
> >the double out and fix that door shut.
> >
> >The final decisions will have to wait until I have the car in the yard
> >and stripped.  I'll also have a word with Scott M. about the MC engine.
> >
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