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differential pressure regulator data- now I'm confused

I put the ameter on my differential pressure regultator, here's what I got (plus my O2 sensor data

rpm throttle o2 volts DPR mA
cold start closed 0.5 >50- momentary, then goes to 13-15
idle closed 0.2-0.7 13-15
1000-2000 closed 0.7-0.8 20-25 (decelerating)
2000-3000 closed <0.1 20-25 (decelerating)
3000-4000 closed <0.1 20-25 (decelerating)
1000-2000 part 0.2-0.7 ~15
2000-3000 part 0.2-0.7 ~15
3000-4000 part 0.2-0.7 ~15
1000-2000 wot varies 13-15
2000-3000 wot <0.1 13-15
3000-4000 wot 0.7-0.8 13-15

Here's why I'm confused:
I know that if the you pull the "spare fuse", the car will not run because it is too lean (put a fuel soaked rag in the intake, and it idles fine).
I thought that this was because there is no juice to the pressure regulator, since pulling the plug recreates the same problem.
Therefore I concluded that current open the regulator, allowing more fuel into the engine.

As you can see above, when I'm decelerating and the fuel gets cut off, the current is HIGHEST (other than start).

I'd assumed that the regulator is the only way the computer can alter the mixture.
I'm totally confused about how the thing works, and high current closes it?
There is another way for the computer to cut off the fuel. Maybe the fuel pump is shut off and the higher current is just an attempt to restore normal mixture?

On another I got two suggestions to check the temp sensor:
One guy said 2,500 ohms at 60 deg. C and lower resistance at higher temps.
Another guy said 900-1.3K at 60 deg F.
I measured 3900 Ohms at 60deg F, and around 200 at running temp.

Which one is right?