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RE: engine configurations/designations (was: I've got a problem......)

> This thread has raised something that is a bit of a pet peeve of mine.
> That would be referring to any 6-cylinder engine as a V6.
> A V6 engine is one which has the 6 cylinders configured physically in a V
> shape.
> A 72 Mustang did not have a V6.
> No 280Z had a V6, although the later 280ZX's did.

While we're being particular, no 280ZX ever had a V6(at least in the US).
The 300ZX was the first to get a V6.  The 280ZX was basically a 280Z with
some really ugly plastic added to the body.  The 300ZX was a totally
different car.

> Current Jeeps do not have V6's.
> BMW's don't have V6's.
> (disclaimer: all of the above taken in stock form)
> These all have I6's; that is inline 6 -cylinder engines.
> If you must use shorthand, why not simply say "a six".
> Just a bit of clarification.  I see this error all too often, mostly in
> car ad's.

Paul Wilson