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Re: Where/VA

WHAT? No way. Some of the worst drivers I have seen (I've been here 8
years), aside from the general Maryland drivers. Just utterly clueless.
Well, perhaps only Northern Virginia drivers are that way. But I was very
happy to be driving up in NJ, NY and CT this past weekend. Better than down

Jon Linkov
'96 A4q
ICQ# 8826028
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> Natives vs. out of state drivers!
> Virginians are for the most part tolerant and polite!
> Jim
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> I held a steady 90 going from Richmond to Danville on 360, on my way to a
> wedding, along with every other car on the road.  Occasionally a car would
> blow by at like 110 and everyone was real nice and let those people
> through.  I was truly impressed with the courtesy displayed by the drivers
> on the road that day.  (Unlike my normal trips to Richmond up I-95.)
> George Selby
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