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Re: part numbers for Euro 4000 lights (going to Holland)

Tom Nas <tnas@euronet.nl> wrote, quoting Eric Harten:
> >Does anybody have the part #'s  for Euro lights for an 87 4000?
> http://www.cars-parts.nl/dparts/database/dpindex.htm has something, perhaps...
> You need the lights off an '84-'86 Audi 80 (unless you want to deal with
> relocating the turn signals, in which case the H4/H1 lights off an '84-'86
> Audi 90 would be an awesome alternative).

Don't the H4/H1 lights replace the parking lamp, not the turn 
signal?  I thought on the euro models, that the turn signals are in 
the bumper next to the fogs (which are in the turn signal location 
on the US models).  The 5mph bumper on the DOT models was 
the reason for no fogs lights in the bumper of US models(?).