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Re: I've got a problem.........

>     You see all my friends have got faster cars.  Not cooler cars, just they
> are faster.  The only time I can win a race of off the line sprint is when
> it is winter, or it just rained or any other time that would give my AWD the
> advantage.
>     Here is a list of the cars that my friends own:
>         84 Trans-Am (V8)
>         86 Firebird (V6)
>         88 Firebird (V6)
>         ??  280z (V6 I think)
>         72 Mustang (V6)
> ...

Funny as you mentioned it... While I was going around the town this
weekend, I was stuck at a traffic light. In the opposite traffic lanes,
there was this 'Merican "hot rod" (the ugly kind, like Chrysler Prowler,
red with painted "flames" on the side) making rumbling noises while
waiting for the green light. Next to it was a Dodge Caravan (or its ilk).
When the light turned green, the dude apparently gunned the gas and the
hot rod began to smoke the rear tires.

As I sat there amused, the hot rod began to fish tail -- all the while the
Caravan pulls ahead. It was very funny -- the Caravan pulled ahead (in no
hurry) about 3 to 5 car lengths ahead while that hot rod thing only moved
about 2 car lengths from the start, all the while the rear was threatening
to bump into the next lane (the traffic was somewhat heavy). The "cool
dude" finally released the gas enough to get the traction to the rear
tires. The lane the hot rod was in was bogged down because of the
oh-so-cool hot rod trying to out-accelerate the Caravan.

Caravan, 1; 'Merican hot rod, 0

And it wasn't even raining. But for hot-rodders, I guess smoking the tires
was way too cool or something.

In the same week, I saw a 5K with tires 40cm too wide. I just don't get
these people...

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