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Re: Turbo Swap Question?

Are you guys sating that a 9000 Saab turbo engine is the same size engine as
the one in my 4kq?
I could easily get one of those and do the Trans plant....................

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| From: Kim Johnson <kjohnson@pclink.com>
| > I have a turbo that I took out of a 9000 Saab at the local
| > U-Pull-R-Parts.
| Slight connection here.
| My ex-wife turned up the other day asking if I could take a look at the
| window in my (sorry - her) Saab 9000. Wound down but wouldn't wind up.
| Pulled the door panel to reveal a very familiar looking electric winder,
| even down to the same rubber mounting bushes. Next time I get the chance
| going to pull the thing out again and compare it to one from one of my
| Audis - I'd put money on them being the same unit.
| Jim Haseltine