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Center Drive Shaft Bearing

Well, if you read my previous posts you are aware I have been searching for
someone to install my previously purchased clutch parts in my 86 4KCSQ.

Thankfully, I found someone.  His 16 year old son was drooling over my car &
told me his father is big into fixing Audis. Brought it in, kinda local to
work, and the guy seems pretty knowledgeable about the cars. Saw a couple of
5Ks in his shop and he is rebuilding a wrecked A8 (gorgeous) for himself.

Anyhow, to the subject issue. The center drive shaft hanger/bearing is
beginning to split and I am seeking the advice of the many list gurus. There
is a 1/2 inch lengthwise split in the rubber collar, and various small
drying type cracks all around. The bearing turns free and smooth, just the
rubber is damaged.
Audi says this bearing is not serviceable, "just replace the driveshaft" The
replacement bearing is available nowhere except Blau, to my knowledge. Has
anyone replaced this bearing? Is there a cheap source of good driveshafts
out there if the entire driveshaft has to go. At first, when he thought the
replacement was readily available, the mechanic was still skeptical of the
job cause the driveshaft is pretty rusty Any advice will be greatly

86 4KCSQ Daily Driver (now in intensive care)
86 4KS      Spare   (IN SERVICE)