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Re: Plug change spells disaster

At 09:38 PM 8/23/99 -0400, Fred Munro wrote:
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>From: Huw Powell <audi@mediaone.net>
>To: Fred Munro <munrof@isys.ca>
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>Sent: Sunday, August 22, 1999 9:29 PM
>Subject: Re: Plug change spells disaster
>> > Cleaned the threads right out of the head. I fixed it by wrapping duct
>> > around the plug threads and screwing the plug back in. Amazingly, it
>> > and got me back home. I don't recommend this for a permanent fix, though
>> why not?
>> --
>> Huw Powell
>Huw Powell, I can't believe you said that. DUCT TAPE? On an AUDI?
>There are two very good reasons for not using duct tape:
>1. An Audi is a precision engineered, finely crafted, German driving
>machine. It deserves only the finest OEM, high $$$$ parts on the very rare
>occasions servicing is required.
>2. Duct tape is not yellow.
>Really, Huw. Using duct tape on an Audi would be like, like, well, like
>putting lawnmower parts in it! Totally unthinkable :o)
>Fred Munro
>'91 200q  280k km (with a roll of d*** tape hidden under the spare)
He could always overwrap the give-away silver with yeller electrical tape, Fred.