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Re: engine configurations/designations (was: I've got a problem......)

On this side of the pond, the only way to get the V4 (outside of a
forklift) was in a SAAB.

SAAB used it as a replacement engine for the popcorn popper 2 stroke 3
cylinder mill.  It mostly came in 1500cc ... still with the freewheeling
transmission from the 2 stroke.  Used in the 95/96/and 97 (Sonett V-4,
Sonett III).

Aound 1971, it was upgraded to its 1700cc 70hp form. It was never
offered in the 2000cc version or with the optional 2bbl that was
available in Europe, though both were common modifications here.

My last one was a 1700 with big valve heads, a decent cam, enlarged
exhaust ports, and a 43mm 1-bbl Holley. I had a 2bbl Capri assembly, but
the 43 gave me better top end.  About 120hp... enough to continually
shred the differential (even with hipo bits installed... the fragile
freewheel was disabled and the gears welded solid) 

Lots of fun being traction-limited in 3rd!

Bill Elliott
Lake Mills, WI

> I think a V4 was also used in the Corsair model prior to the introduction
of the MK1 Cortina.

Yep, Two capacities, 1700 (1663cc) and 2000 (1996cc). 2000 V4 also
in the Capri and probably just about every other 60's & 70's European
at some time or another. Didnt it find its way into the Saab 95/96  in
1500cc form?