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Re: Bad O2 sensor / high fuel consumption?

I'd call 26-27 mpg average regardless of driving circumstance pretty good
for a slushbox Audi in the heaviest iteration of the body style.  I can
better that with my 5kcstq at steady speeds on the limited access highway
(30 mpg averaging 70 mph), but when I have to stop and go a bunch, mileage
drops to around 24.

Kneale Brownson

At 11:27 AM 8/24/99 +0200, Iain Atkinson (ETL) wrote:
>Huaudi listers,
>My wife's 100 2.0E Auto avant uses fuel at the rate of 26 to 27 mpg no 
>matter what sort of driving. Is this about right for this car? Or am I 
>looking at a bad O2 sensor or bad cat, the car runs fine with no problems 
>other than the small fortune it costs us to run the damn thing. Any advice 
>or am I stuck with a big fuel bill.