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Re: leaking differential air actuator

At 04:20 PM 24/08/99 -0500, JOHN URIBE wrote:
>I have noticed that when I lock and unlock the center diff on my 88
5kcstq, it 
>sometimes takes a couple of minutes for the light to indicate that the
diff has 
>locked or unlocked. I thought I might have a leak in the hoses, but found
that it 
>is the actuactor itself. there is a little rubber boot that that the rod
comes out 
>through that has a hole in it.

Be aware that the diff locks work very much like synchros in the gearbox. 
Ie they won't lock (Or unlock) while under much load.
So.. If you have any 'residual driveline windup' the diff lock won't unlock.
Be patient, and wait until they come around.  If you want to sppe up the
process, it sometimes helps to drive in a 'zig-zag' or series of 'esses'
which may unload any wound up torque left in the driveliine.
(Or in otherwords, don't expect the lock to come off, immidiatly after
driving around a sharp corner on pavement. Drive straight ahead for a
while, and it will unlock though)

I hope this makes sense..


Frank de Kat 
Dundas, Ontario, Canada

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