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Dan's CA registration query

Dan (and FYI the list), the car must pass the emissions testing for the
state in which it was originally sold, no matter what the CA regs are.
The type of testing a car gets is dependent on the area in which it is
registered. For an additional fee, new cars can be exempted from testing
for up to 3 years, I think. From here it gets complicated. When I moved
back here from NoVA upon my release from the USAF, I was able to contact
the CA DMV and register my cars in advance, but they were used. The smog
thing puts a hitch in the procedure. You'll need to contact the CA DMV
and ask. They'll want the sales tax, right off the bat, as the car
wasn't operated (and therefore registered) out of state for whatever the
statutory time period is, and there may or may not be a $300
"environmental impact fee" imposed. The reason for the operating
time/sales tax thing is there is no sales tax in Oregon and people would
go up there to buy cars, depriving the state of it's due and our dealers
of the business. Kind of a trade embargo, huh? Again, I suggest a call
to the DMV in Sacramento for the straight dope. 916 area code. 
HTH, John