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Re: Bad O2 sensor / high fuel consumption?

Hi Iain;

    I average 30 miles per Imperial gallon (25 miles per U.S. gallon) in
mixed highway/city driving on my '91 200q. Mike's data will be in miles per
U.S. gallon and would convert to 32.4 miles per Imp gal highway and 26.4 -
27.6 miles per Imp gal town. Sounds like your wife's car is in the right
range for town driving.


Fred Munro
'91 200q  280k km

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Sent: Tuesday, August 24, 1999 6:26 AM
Subject: RE: Bad O2 sensor / high fuel consumption?

> Hi Mike
> Thanks for the reply, looks like I am stuck with the fuel bill then.
Interesting to note that you can get 10w30 Mobil 1, I live in the UK and all
I can get is 0w40 which is way too thin, I am sure other listers have
mentioned 15w40 or 50 as well.
> Regards
> Iain
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> "Iain Atkinson (ETL)" wrote:
> > My wife's 100 2.0E Auto avant uses fuel at the rate of 26 to 27 mpg no
matter what sort of driving. Is this about right for this car? Or am I
looking at a bad O2 sensor or bad cat, the car runs fine with no problems
other than the small fortune it costs us to run the damn thing. Any advice
or am I stuck with a big fuel bill.
> Iain,
> My 89 100 (2.3 NF engine w/auto) gets ~27mpg highway, ~22-23 around town
> in the summer (15w50 oil).  In cooler weather, w/10w30 Mobil 1, it gets
> ~30mpg highway, 26 in town.  That's w/a good OXS and a kitty that lost
> it's innards about 60K miles ago (still passes emissions inspection
> though).
> In the land of gas guzzling SUVs, the 100's mpg makes it a
> "tree-hugger".
> --
> Mike Murphy