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Re: John's reply digest. CV Joints/brake tools.

I'm not buying them from anyone. My opinion is based on units I've taken
out of cars due to problems. Some low mileage, some high, all unusable.
I recently purchased an 85 VW Cab and an 84 jetta GLI (2 to make 1).
Each had 2 rebuilt axles, 2 of which appeared to be recent enough to
still have nice paint, boots, and clean readable stickers. All 8 joints
junk, even for use as my getting to work car (6 blocks). OE Cv joints
last an incredibly long time, given proper care and maintenance. The 4
on my 80 4K have 350k on them.
My theories on the costs involved in setting up a remanufacturing line
for these things are based on some knowledge of manufacturing in general
and the specific knowledge of what goes into manufacturing CV joints. 
I remain a firm believer in the old saying, "You get what you pay for",
bad grammar and all.
Cobram . wrote:
> John Larson <jdlarson@ix.netcom.com> writes:
> >Rebuilt CVs and Axles. Being in the trade, I am of the opinion, based
> >on experience, that the terms "quality" and "rebuilt axle" are, without
> >a doubt, mutually exclusive. Most we've seen have as much slop as any
> >we'd replace anyway. We've removed a great number of them and pulled
> them
> >apart, finding things like extra spacer cones and washers, joints
> >welded to shafts they weren't meant to be on, mismatched balls, badly
> Who are you buying from???  Of all the rebuilt axels installed by myself,
> and the large number installed by friends in the business, this is not
> a concern and has not been a problem.  The only bad rebuilt I can site
> was one I bought for my fathers Honda, it popped out (you know the setup
> on those SB's) and was beyond it's useful life, rebuilt or not.  That was
> the only problem unit.  Doesn't seem to be much of a problem for listers,
> which install rebuilt units every week, and don't have any problems
> either,
> or maybe they're not posting?
> Are you buying from a reputable foreign parts supplier?  Parts Warehouse,
> International Car Parts, and a few others supply very high quality
> rebuilt
> units at reasonable prices.  I paid $50 for the rebuilt axel on the 5KS,
> nice unit, new boots, tight, looked new and performs great.  I put a
> similar rebuilt unit on the other side about 10 years ago with no
> problems, yet.
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