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RE: Raybestos brake pads, any experience?

I used a set of Raybestos on my Q, killed my new rotors in less than 2

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Fluhr wrote:
> >I am looking for da rear brake pads for my family's Subiedo Legacy. While
> >checking with PePboys this morning, the sales lady told me Raybestos
> >pretty good brake pads. I wonder if any one has experienced these pads
> >before?
> I have been very happy with the Raybestos pads (Superstop front, ProStop
> Plus on back) on my Coupe GT.  They have good cold-stop characteristics
> and get better as they heat up.  They will fade after ~4-5 hard stops
> from 60mph, but otherwise they are terrific pads.  Good price and a
> lifetime warranty, too.

I've put them on my wife's A4TQ. Was desperate coz the OEMs were
incredibly dirty and suicidal in the rain. The Raybestos emit very
little dust, and have a reasonably good stopping power around town.
They still emit some [grey] dust tho, unlike the Axxis/PBR DeLuxes, but
alas, those do not exist for the single piston A4 and A6.
Oh, the Raybestos squeal too.

Igor Kessel
Two turbo quattros.