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Re: Coupe GT brakes

Jason Lyons writes:
> I am in need of some information on converting my 1984 Coupe GT to rear
> disc brakes ,with e-brake. Trouble being my brakes are the earlier 4x100
> bolt pattern. I really was hoping to keep the current front discs (for
> $$$ reasons, currently installing 5KTQ  mc code engine too) and was
> hoping someone might have a solution, most likely a VW transplant.

Yes, you can use the stub axles, rotors and calipers from a 87 and later
VW Scirocco 16-valve model.  These have 8.9" discs and 4x100 bolt
pattern, and will bolt up to your rear suspension beam perfectly.
You'll need to do minor fabrication of brake hard lines back there
but it's no big deal.  I've done this mod to my 4000 and it was
a snap.  You'll need to readjust the brake proportioning valve to
maintain balance.

That said, the rear disc brakes offer only marginal improved braking
performance.  You get more improvement by going to larger front
brakes instead.  I did that too on my 4000.  The originals were
9.4" discs and I upgraded to 10.1" vented discs and matching calipers,
again from VW Scirocco 16V, and again a total bolt-on swap with no

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