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Re: Re was 5ktq wagon, now CD Player in a 5KSCTQW

I wanted to minimize wiring changes and make the system reversible to the
stock unit should I decide to transfer the CD changer to another car.  The
problem is the factory unit has a relatively high power output to the front 6
speakers, but more of a pre amp output to the four rear speakers.  I also
wanted to take advantage of the on-off function of the rear amp as provided by
the factory unit.  I also did not want to run all new wiring under the
carpeting to the rear amp, as that is a PIA unless you decide to remove a
My CD player has 22 w/channel, which is in line with the factory system, but
to make the rear speakers work, a second amp that could take speaker level
power was needed.  I bought a 40w/channel unit (about $40) that is adjustable
(also a good thing, as the rear does need a bit more power to balance the
system).  The next step was to direct wire the front speakers to the new
receiver and splice all of the necessary connections at the rear amp.  Pretty
straight forward.  I soldered and shrink wrapped all of the connections.
I chose to go with the modest power as the amp under the rear seat does not
have a significant amount of cooling available, and high power amps NEED
cooling.  Being a wagon, there are limited places to put an amp that is
concealed and has cooling.
All in all, it sounds much better than the stock system as a result of more
power, looks stock, and deletes the troublesome Audi/Blaupunkt cassette
changer with a minimum of wiring changes.  I also had a spare rear factory
amp, so I retained all of the connectors to simplify the changeover in the
future, only because I have other other Audis I could use the CD player with.
I am waiting for Hew Powell to get a 5KT and do his magic to the factory
speakers.  , as I feel they are the weak point of the system right now.

1986 5KCSTQW 1.8 bar 249K mine
1986 5KCSTQ     1.8 bar 190K wife's
1987 5KS                         165K son's

John wrote:

> Just curious on how you did this I was thinking about doing this to my 87'
> 5kcstqw
> john
> 87' 5kcstqw
> 96' Passat GLS
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> >I installed one.  Not too dramatic.  You can attack it in two ways,
> >obtain a low powered cd deck and buy two amps.  The other way is to buy
> >a high power unit and one amp, unless you want to rewire all of the
> >stuff to the rear speakers in the doors.  I chose the second option as
> >to not deal with an additional front amp.  You need to get a speaker
> >output level amp and replace the unit under the rear seat.  This will
> >allow you to retain all of the factory speakers and crossovers, while
> >improving the sound.  If you have questions, post me directly.
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