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Eurotrash Princess Projects


I'm noticing that Quattro guys are everywhere (despite the name, they walk
upright instead of on all fours).  Yesterday whilst walking from work to
Gorshe's (independent mechanic who did a compression check on my 86 4kq), I
spotted a big red 5kq illegally parked in front of the University of Minnesota's
admin building.  I said nice car, but you might get towed if you leave it
there.  Turns out the guy is some U big shot, and recommended German Auto Works
as the "one place in town to fix these cars."  Well, I told him that's where I
bought it so I would probably bring it back there.  He looked mighty pleased.
Five minutes later I get to Gorshe's and there's some guy snooping around my
4kQ.  Turns out he was killing time waiting for his 80Q to get fixed and he was
waxing nostalgic about his old 4kQ.  He then proceeded to tell me that Gorshe's
was "the one place in town to fix these cars."  I told him that since Gorshe had
kept my 15 year old Trooper running on little cash, that I planned to take my
new car there as well.  He seemed mighty pleased and handed me a copy of
BleuFergneuven (Spell?) parts page to keep.  He was just carrying it around,

The Eurotrash Princess passed her compression check with flying colors but I
still have several projects to take care of right away.

She's lying about her age already:  The odometer has suddenly stopped working.
It was working when I bought it but seemed to stop last night.  Gorshe told me
they flake out sometimes, starting and stopping for weeks as the gear wears out
before they finally die.  He said it needs to be sent away to a repair shop to
be fixed.  I remember reading an ad on the Q-list marketplace that said the
odometer had quit but that the owner had the replacement gear.  I don't plan on
ever re-selling this car, but it would be nice to keep track of the miles.
Anyone know of a cheap fix for an odometer?

Is the Princess heading for a breakdown:  I've been hearing whisperings about
the timing belt from an Audi guy at my work.  I forgot to have Gorshe check it,
but this guy said it was easy, just remove the cover and look.  Are there any
tell-tale signs that I should look for?  Also, is the 4kq a model in which a
timing belt failure can cause further damage to the car?

I've loads of other little cosmetic/makeover projects for the Princess,
including new shoes for winter. Can't wait to get started.

No audi stuff yet: