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MC Transplant into CGT (lots of ?'s)

Hi all,
    I'm planning on doing the turbo swap this winter on my '83 CGT.  I've 
read all the web pages on 4kq turbo conversions, but I've still got a few 
questions as I prepare to do this:

1)  $500 for MC turbo engine, turbo, and other accessories delivered to my 
door.   Although I don't get the experience of pulling it myself, I don't 
have to spend the time either.  And no disposal of another parts car.  Good 

2)  '83 CGT = CIS; '87 MC Turbo = CIS-E, correct.  Therefore new distributor 
required.  Can I use the CIS-E Fuel distributor from my '85 CGT parts car?  
Should I use the fuel distributor from the 5k instead or is it just too wide 
to fit anywhere?

3)  Are the fuel rejectors (ok, injectors) on the turbo motor the same as 
those on non-turbo motors?

4)  What is the stock exhaust diameter on the 5kt?  Probably larger than the 
N/A 5 cyl. 2" on the CGT, right?

5)  Electronics:  All I need is the "brain" behind the glove-box and the 
right wiring harness, right?  Assuming all the appropriate senders are still 
on the engine.

6)  Can I use the flywheel and clutch from the '83 CGT?  I think it has one 
reference pin on the flywheel, not 2 like the one on my '85.  Also it's a 
215 mm clutch.  I realize the difference in clutch disc area is about 10%.  
Does ir really matter?

7)  Where's the best (only) place to mount the inter-cooler?

8)  Should I add any additional cooling capacity (oil, etc...?)

9)  Is the following *rough* estimate on doing a partial rebuild of the 
turbo motor (myself) close?  Have I forgotten to do anything?  Should I do 
something else?  If the motor's fine as is, do I really need to do all this? 
(probably, at least...)

Head:  Lifters, Valves, Valve Seats:  $250
T-belt / WP:  $150
All gaskets and seals:  $200
All cooling hoses:  $150
OXS:  $50

BTW, the rest of the car runs and looks brand new, hence I think I can 
justify the expense of doing this conversion.

I appreciate any thoughts on the subject.


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