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Re: Eurotrash Princess Projects

In message <37C40CEF.B4D7A5C4@physics.spa.umn.edu> Jenny Curtis writes:

> Is the Princess heading for a breakdown:  I've been hearing whisperings about
> the timing belt from an Audi guy at my work.  I forgot to have Gorshe check it,
> but this guy said it was easy, just remove the cover and look.  Are there any
> tell-tale signs that I should look for?  Also, is the 4kq a model in which a
> timing belt failure can cause further damage to the car?

The greatest danger of failure (Jim Haseltine notwithstanding) is a
bearing seizure in either the water pump or idler roller.  The former
is almost always preceded by a few drops of water under the front of
the engine when parked.  The latter is preceded by a unique noise from
the idler roller that only those who have heard it before can identify.

Apart from the mileage/age rule (no more than 60k miles or six years)
it's very hard for an amateur to judge the condition of the belt.  The
smallest radius it passes over is the crank pulley, but the next
smallest is the idler roller which bends it backwards.  Once you've got
the belt off and in your hands you can bend it backwards and see the
cracks on the _inner_ surface, which are the most telling sign.

 Phil Payne
 UK Audi quattro Owners Club
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