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Re: That Speeding Ticket I got Last May

In the spirit of the moment, I would like to remind you all that there
are vigorously enforced speed limits on the entrance roads to Laguna
Seca, both on the highways and on the reservation. Last year we passed a
humiliated T Bird driver getting his invitation to visit the court less
than a hundred yards from the ticket takers on the road from the Seaside
area. Don't be that guy, our ragging will never go away, and you'll
become a reluctant legend.
See ya there! John

"Gaidos, A." wrote:
> Of that I have no doubt. The CHP officers in court today were all lined up
> in the front row. I looked them square in the eye and said "I had you guys".
> As it happens they all patrol Hwy17 - my morning commute.  I do not suspect
> they will be spotting me the 10mph they give most.
> Anton
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> Subject: Re: That Speeding Ticket I got Last May
> >Bet every CHP car in your area now proudly carries your license plate
> >number on a piece of tape stuck on it's dashboard.
> >Seriously, glad to hear you got'em.
> >John
> >
> >"Gaidos, A." wrote:
> >>
> >> All,
> >>  After amassing solid evidence that proved conclusively that I was a
> victim
> >> of the use and maintenance of a speedtrap here in Santa Cruz county, one
> of
> >> the two officers failed to appear. I had them cold under Ca. vehicle code
> >> 40802 paragraph 2. It says a posted speed limit must be justified by a
> >> traffic survey report for the use of radar.
> >>  I had two traffic surveys that clearly did not justify the posted speed.
> >> That proven, section 40803 paragraph a) clearly states all evidence
> obtained
> >> through the use and maintenance of a speed trap is inadmissable in court.
> >> Further, section 40804 states that any officer relying on evidence
> obtained
> >> through the use and maintenance of a speed trap is deemed incomptetant as
> a
> >> witness. Finally, section 40805 states that no court has the jurisdiction
> to
> >> weigh judgement on someone if the evidence was obtained through the use
> and
> >> maintenance of a speed trap.
> >>  There were 14 CHP officers in that court room. Even one of the two
> required
> >> for my case. I had them, I had them cold and while I am glad to be
> >> victorious it is an empty victory. I wanted to expose this operation in
> >> court because it is wrong and 100s of people were fined illegally.
> >>  I had them!!
> >>
> >> Anton J. Gaidos, III
> >>
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