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Re: Timing Belt Tools

"Iain Atkinson (ETL)" wrote:
> Hi List
> Does anyone in the UK know of a good source to get the tools for the timing belt change on I5 engines. We have 5 of these engines in our family in various Audi's and VW's and I got a shock when quoted 175.00 for a belt change.

My personal favourites:

To hold the camshaft from rotating: put a 24 mm box end wrench (a ring
end spanner?) on one of the cam lobes and jam it up against the head.
To hold the crankshaft form rotating: jam a narrow pry bar in the
flywheel teeth thorough the window on the LH side of the bell housing.
On turbos this window is occupied by the Hall sender, held only by two
5mm Allens.

Also there are the "rope method", the "tranny bolt method", the "starter
method" to name a few. I have never tried these myself hence will refain
from advising.

To undo and retorque that big a$$ 27 mm harmonic silencer bolt I use a
highly calibrated Big F(riggin'-?) Cheater Pipe on a 22" breaker bar.
Don't forget to apply some blue threadlock to this bolt when installing.

Purists will crucify me for the above paragraph, but I must have done a
half a dozen timing belts on the L5 using this not so precise method
without the bolt ever coming loose on its own later while in service.

An archive search would reveal a number of rather entertaining threads
on this subject. I think the Q-list's scientifically calculated way of
torqueing this bolt without the required Audi torque multiplier was a
130 Lb Lister's wife hanging on a 22" breaker bar or something like that

Igor Kessel
Two turbo quattros.