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Re: Installing A arm bushes

In a message dated 8/26/99 7:49:58 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
iain.atkinson@etl.ericsson.se writes:

<< It's time to replace the A arm bushes on the Coupe Q, I now have them 
sitting on the bench. But was wondering if my big bench vice is going to be 
sufficient for pressing the new ones in (they have steel outer sleeves) or is 
it take them to a man who can press them in for me. Any BTDT from anyone.
    I never used the vise, but I devised a tool using a series of threaded 
rods and pipes.  A larger (1/2") threaded rod went throught the old bushings 
after I had pulled out the old busing inner race.  On one side of this went a 
pipe that fit the diameter of the bushing sleeve, and another pipe went on 
the other side that rested on the acutal a-arm around the bushing.  Thus, by 
tightening bolts on either side of the pipes, it presses out the old bushng 
sleeve, going quite smoothly might I add.  Installation is reverse of 
removal, except a smaller threaded rod  (5/16 or 3/8" ?)will need to be used 
to go thru the new bushing inner race.  I used a bigger rod for removal 
because it seems like it takes that much more force.  Then, 2 new pipes, one 
resting on the bushing itself (the rubber side) and on the other side a 
bushing resting on the a-arm itself sqeeze the new bushing in.  I used to 
dread changing bushing untill I made this tool!  This may be confusing, I 
hope it communicates the basic concept of bushing the bushing in either 
direction with pipes.  I suppose you could also do this with a vise.  The 
nice thing about using threaded rod is that all the force is contained in the 
rod when you have a wrench on each side, also sparing the a-arm from any 
Javad Shadzi
88 80Q