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Re: meeting up at the historics!!

c a l i b a n wrote:
>         mike and i are camping with frank bauer.  hi frank!
>         do any ofyou have motorola talkabout radios?  i have
>         a couple, mike and i will each have one.  we'll be
>         on 4:20 - channel 4, code 20.  we'll be listening for
>         people to check in, maybe meet for lunch, or meet at
>         the corral to listen to our engines - an mc in a
>         non-5k car sounds pretty intense.  thrruuuuum.
>         anyway, those radios re great for events like this,
>         or for road trips, skiing.  range is about 2 miles.

I'll have to bring mine. Be aware that the range at Laguna was pretty
limited last year. Couldn't really get all the way across the infield.
Still useful though.