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Re: Timing Belt Tools

Igor wrote:

> I think the Q-list's scientifically calculated way of
> torqueing this bolt without the required Audi torque multiplier was a
> 130 Lb Lister's wife hanging on a 22" breaker bar or something like that
 Phil wrote:

> It would need to be three feet.  332 lb ft.
  If it was moi you're referring to, Phil's right.  Used a 4
ft. pipe on a breaker bar, snugged right up to the perp'.
110 lb. wife sat on it at 3 feet and jiggled a little (love
it when she does that).  I think it was Paul Heneghan who
got us all going (where are you Paul?).  No probs in that
area since (spring of 98? - good year) .  The thing that
triggers memories of that episode is 'drizzle.'  Travelling
on down that synapse I see a 'jiggle.'  Makes it all
worthwhile.  If there comes a times when it doesn't, I'm
going for ECT.