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Re: Truck Intercooler?


Yeah, that was the thought we had when moving my sister about a
month ago, after lifting the cab on the Mitsubishi (? is that right,
Peter).  The intercooler was a friggin' giant thing, as big as the
radiator, about 20" tall and 25" wide with about 2.5" hoses if I
remember right.  Waaay too big.

On the same note, my brother has sketched up a couple of intercooler
designs which are going in for quotes to Spearco soon.  The big one
is a full 20" long core, 7.9" tall.  It should run about 75% efficiency,
with a mere 0.5 psi drop at 450 cfm.  Truly a couple steps up from the
stupid two-pass pos that is stock on the 5k.  I'm guessing around $600,
from looking at their "standard" intercooler price list.

As far as "ruining the Audi DNA," bah, put it what makes good HP and
let the purists rot (I'm working on a Turbonetics T04E implant, too).

Eric Fahlgren

Steve Jensen wrote:
> Fellow Listers (and Ladies/Princesses):
> Well, there I was, driving home from work and sitting at the traffic light.
>  Up alongside me rumbles this diesel Isuzu box truck, with a big hunky
> emblem "Intercooler" on the side of the cab...
> You know where I'm going, get the kids out of the room.
> At the risk of ruining the Audi DNA structure, as well as being labelled a
> heretic, has anyone tried adapting a truck intercooler to an Audi turbo?  I
> have no idea whether they are more/less efficient, but I know of a few
> wrecking yards that are commercial truck only and was toying with the idea
> making a visit with a stock intercooler in hand.
> And a larger truck intercoolers' gotta be more common than the 20vt
> intercooler.
> Thoughts?
> -Steve Jensen
> 87 5KCSTQ
> 88 5KCSTQ organ donor living onward in cars in San Fran, Atlanta, Detroit,
> and Beantown

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