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Re: new audi models details

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From: Dave Eaton <Dave.Eaton@clear.net.nz>
To: 'Quattro List' <quattro-digest@audifans.com>
Date: &Pgr;&eacgr;&mgr;&pgr;&tgr;&eegr;, 26 &Agr;&ugr;&ggr;&ogr;&uacgr;&sgr;&tgr;&ogr;&ugr; 1999 5:05 &pgr;&mgr;
Subject: new audi models details

>more details on the new audi hi-po models...
>340hp @7,000rpm, 420nm @3,400rpm
>0-100kmh in 5.7, 0-200kmh in 21.7(!)
>new aluminium subframes at each end, in addition to the a6v8q's aluminium
>suspension.  aluminium bonnet and front side panels.
>10mm lower than the a6v8q, new progressive springs and the usual tuning.
>torsen centre with 50:50 up to 70:30% torque distribution.  ebd, asr, esp.
>6-speed manual or 5-speed automatic.
>uprated brakes with aluminium callipers.
>17" wheels with 255/40 tyres.
>side airbags standard.
>avant only, made by quattro gmbh.
>380hp @6,800rpm, from the uprated 2.7l v6tt.
>6-speed manual only.
>uprated brakes, re-tuned suspension.
>new sills and wheel arches.
>porsche-esq front air dam with low central intercooler venting ahead of the
>front wheel arches.  new rear apron with diffuser.  additional spoiler on
>top of the tail gate.
>released.  895kg.  asf.  no quattro.  4 cyl 1.4 petrol.  3cyl tdi 1.4
>with 4.2l/100km consumption.  2year or 30,000km service intervals (petrol),
>50,000kms for diesel (!).
>it wasn't so long ago that over 300hp was virtually unique in the audi
>range.  now we are tempted to yawn when the new s6 *only* has 340hp.
>thank you herr peich.
>'95 rs2
>'90 ur-q
>'88 mb 2.3-16