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Re: Electrical Problem - Power Windows

In message <14278.65242.649810.20137@my.mailhost.local> David Ritter writes:

> When replacing the broken wires, it is best to splice in new wire from
> inside the door, to inside the drivers kick panel.

Speaking as an ex-cable and wire engineer ...

The grade of cable used in cars is, in general, _NOT_ designed to bend
frequently.  There is a general (though blurred) distinction between a
'cable' (put in place once and never touched) and a 'flexible' (or 'flex' for short)
that is designed to be moved about.

Your television aerial wire is a 'cable' - your pop singer's microphone
lead is a 'flexible'.  The difference is in the construction (flexibles
have more and finer strands) and in the annealing - flexibles are
annealed after the last stage of drawing, and cables are not.

In general, auto wiring is _NOT_ 'flexible'.  We see the results of
making the stuff bend in boot lid wiring, door wiring, and inlet
manifold ground wiring.

If you get the choice when replacing these items, go for more rather than
fewer constituent strands and for an explicitly named 'flexible' if

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