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Wow...what can I say! (MH99-Friday)

    Well, just got home from Monterey not too long ago.  I live in the San 
Fransisco area so it is quite close.  What can I say....At one point I stood 
in awe, with 4 Sport Quattros (S1) to one side of me, Audi's new models 
including the S4, A6 twin turbo and 4.2, and TT to another side of me, and 
IMSA and V8 racers to another, and on the horizon a few steps away were 
another gang on Audi race cars including the 200 and 90 IMSA racers 
(including one of their engines on a stand for inspection!!), sport quattros 
from 86 and 87(the Pikes Peak record setter), A4 touring cars, the R8 LeMans 
car, the V16 Silver Arrow, and many other racers form Audi's history!!!!  All 
this, and not to mention a group of listers and many other Audi enthusiasts 
with their awsome collection of Urquattros, 4KQ, 5KQ, Coupe Quattros, S4s,A4s 
with 300hp 1.8s and more!  Man, if there is any way you all can get there, 
go, it is sooo worth it.  This is the event that I have been waiting for for 
years!  Audi is finally getting its time in the light, and there are many 
there to share it with.  Hope to see you there, and if not, use the excellent 
coverage on the web and be a part!
Javad Shadzi
88 80Q