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Installing a CD changer in a V8(was Stereo Security code)

Thanks again to all that responded in regard to the security code.

Several of you asked for details on the installation of the CD changer so 
here it goes.
The changer I bought is an Alpine 6 disc, with the FM modulator.  Basically 
it plays through the stock deck by way of sending a signal through the 
antenna to the radio...the radio thinks it is receiving a signal from a radio 
station. (by the way, upon removing the deck I discovered that the front 
antenna had been disconnected I plugged it back in and my reception is MUCH 

I mounted the changer on the upper deck of the trunk, about 6 inches in front 
of the left rear speaker.  I ran the controller cable through the trunk and 
into the section behind the rear seat.  If you pull back the carpet in the 
left corner of the trunk you will see wires running inside the passenger 
compartment - I just followed them through.  I then ran the cable under the 
seat to the right hand side of the car.  I lifted the carpet and ran the 
cable through the wire channels to the front of the car basically by the 
relay/fuse area.  The stereo has to be removed as the antenna wire is hooked 
up through a modulator which controls the signal to the stereo.  I mounted 
the modulator in the area near directly above the relay area near the 
recirculation flap.  The controller for the CD changer is typically either 
installed in your dash by way of cutting out an area to install it, or by 
utilizing velcro tape to secure it to the dash - I found neither option 
acceptable.  I decided to use the ash tray!  I removed the metal insert and 
found that the controller head fits perfectly in the sliding tray.  I removed 
the ashtray assembly and pulled the cable through the available space near 
the ashtray light.  I ran the cable on the underside of the ash tray and into 
the tray through the conveniently located precut hole!  The controller is 
secured with velcro tape so that I can open and shut the tray...the velcro 
acts as a hinge.  When I want to use the CD changer I open the ash tray and 
the controller pops up ready for use.  When I park the car I push the 
controller head down and close the ash tray -- if you are in the car you 
cannot tell that it now has the awesome addition of CD sound unless the ash 
tray is open.  This is a great theft deterrent because if they don't see it 
-- they won't break in to steal it!
The CD sound really makes a difference in the car, IT SOUNDS GREAT!
(I will be happy to show any local listers (Seattle area) how I did it and 
perhaps help install one in your own car)

Justin Bowers
90 V8q